ATTN NH Unions: Help us Contact other Labor families!

Brothers & Sisters:

This year’s election presents a stark choice for the New Hampshire labor community – a presidential campaign that pits Vice-President Joe Biden and his proven record of support for organized labor and Donald Trump, the most anti-working families president of our lifetimes. With the stakes as high as they are, the New Hampshire AFL-CIO has planned an aggressive fall campaign. And we are asking you to do your part.

As leadership for your local we are asking that you send us either the number of volunteers you have who are willing to volunteer or send around our sign up form at

If your members are planning to phonebank:

Once we know who or how many folks will be volunteering from your local, we will send you/your member a login, pin, password and code to enter a phone bank to our LAN account ( This will allow your members who have committed to volunteer phonebank for the NH AFL-CIO.

We have phone banks currently scheduled from 5-8PM Tuesday through Thursday. We can certainly be flexible with folks if they wish to commit to a different time slot, our team is happy to help and answer any questions you have. At 5PM for the next couple weeks or as needed, we will offer a zoom training to any new phone bankers, and will send a link to committed volunteers in addition to the listed information above.

Please make every effort to engage your members in this crucial election. We might not have another chance to defend our rights as union members if we don’t make the effort now.

In Solidarity:

President Glenn Brackett

New Hampshire AFL-CIO

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