Our Endorsed 2020 Candidates for US Senate, House, Governor, NH Senate, and Executive Council.

Brothers & Sisters,

Please find below a list of our endorsed candidates for the US Senate, Governor of New Hampshire, and New Hampshire Senate and Executive Council in the 2020 election. Please circulate widely and let us know if we can help you get the word out on these endorsements.

U.S. Senate – Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Governor of New Hampshire – Dan Feltes

Member of Congress Dist.1 – Rep. Chris Pappas

Member of Congress Dist. 2 – Rep. Annie Kuster

Our New Hampshire Senate Candidates

1: Rep. Sue Ford 

2: Selectman Bill Bolton 

3: Theresa Swanick 

4: Sen. David Watters 

5: Councilor Suzanne Prentiss 

6: Councilor Chris Rice

7: Hon. Phil Spagnuolo  

8: Jenn Alford-Teaster 

9: Sen. Jeanne Dietsch 

10: Sen. Jay Kahn 

11: Sen. Shannon Chandley 

12: Sen. Melanie Levesque 

13: Sen. Cindy Rosenwald 

14: Nancy Hendricks 

15. Becky Whitley

16: Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh 

17: Nancy R.B. Fraher

18: Sen. Pres. Donna Soucy 

19: Councilor Joshua Bourdon

20: Sen. Lou D’Allesandro

21. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka 

22: Tom Haynes 

23: Sen. Jon Morgan

24: Sen. Tom Sherman

Our Executive Council Candidates 

District 1: Mike Cryans 

District 2: Cinde Warmington 

District 3: Mindi Messmer

District 4: Mark Mackenzie

District 5: Deb Pignatelli 

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