2024 New Hampshire AFL-CIO Candidate Questionnaire/Survey Information

Every election cycle, the New Hampshire AFL-CIO endorses candidates up and down the ballot who are dedicated to the betterment of workers and their families. These endorsements are then sent to our entire membership throughout the Granite State. There are more than 100,000 eligible voters in union households in the state of New Hampshire. If you are interested in seeking the endorsement of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below.

Once a questionnaire has been submitted we will present it to the New Hampshire AFL-CIO’s Legislative Committee, who will select the candidates for endorsement, and recommend this endorsement to the entirety of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO Executive Council. If the Executive Council votes to approve the Legislative Committee’s recommendation for endorsement, the candidate will be informed of their endorsement by our organization immediately.

We thank you for your engagement in the democratic process and look forward to your response. Together, we look forward to a successful election that will advance the issues most important to union families – jobs, healthcare, and economic security. 

The deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2024

New Hampshire AFL-CIO Executive Councilor Candidate Questionnaire

New Hampshire AFL-CIO Legislator Candidate Questionnaire

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