2018-2019 Linda Horan Scholarship Winners Announced

Linda Horan Scholarship Awards

In honor of Sister Linda Horan, longtime IBEW member and former Chair of the NH AFL-CIO Scholarship Committee, we are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s awards. In order to assist with increasing costs of higher education, we have increased the amount of each scholarship award for the 2018-2019 school year.

We are proud to announce the following award winners and alternates:

  1. First Place – This award for $2,000 goes to Courtney Otto. Courtney’s mother is a member of AFT NH #1044. Courtney will be attending University of Rochester as a senior this year. Courtney was previously awarded a scholarship from the NH AFL-CIO as a Sophomore. Congratulations Courtney!!
  2. Second Place – The second-place award, for $1,250, goes to Augustino Fisher, who is a member of APWU #230. Augustino will be attending NHTI as a Sophomore. Congratulations Augustino!!
  3. Third Place – The third-place award, for $1,000, goes to Bethany Boulanger. Bethany is the daughter of a member of NALC #44. Bethany will be attending Boston University as a Junior. She also received a scholarship award from the NH AFL-CIO in 2017, following in the footsteps of a brother who won in 2016! Congratulations Bethany!!

Monica Johnson (APWU #230) and Tyler St. Peter (IBEW #2320) were selected as alternates in the event of any award winner’s inability to attend.

Congratulations to the Linda Horan Scholarship winners & thank you to all who took the time to apply. We wish you the very best in the upcoming school year.

The scholarship program was a labor of love for Linda, who was always committed to “leaving the ladder down” for the next generation. It is our hope to continue to honor Linda’s passionate advocacy for workers again next year by expanding our program and increasing the assistance we can provide. We can only do that with your help. Please consider helping to build for a better future by contributing to EAP Services, AFL-CIO Scholarship Fund.

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Honor Our Sister Linda Horan by Contributing to the NH AFL-CIO Scholarship Fund!



It’s that time of year again! It’s time to honor our Sister Linda Horan by contributing to the Scholarship program that proudly bares her name! There is still time to donate!

In honor of our Sister’s lifelong struggle to support workers rights, both Union and non-union. All contributions to the Linda Horan Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible. This is a great way to help the next generation of activists have a leg up in obtaining the education they deserve!

Your Tax Deductible Contributions should be sent to:
Attn: EAP Services
PO Box 801
Enfield, NH 03748

Contributions to the NH AFL-CIO Linda Horan Scholarship Fund are tax deductible and checks should be made out to:



Please write “Linda Horan Scholarship Fund” in the memo line of your check.

As the scholarship fund grows through member donations, we hope to increase the amount and the number of scholarships we are able to award. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund will allow the NH AFL-CIO to assist in shaping the future by providing educational opportunities for eligible scholarship applicants. Through your contribution to NH AFL-CIO EAP Services, you will be advancing the educational opportunities of our future leaders by assisting them to pursue higher education, while at the same time, honoring our beloved labor warrior, Sister Linda Horan.

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