This year’s Linda Horan Scholarship Awards Winners!

We are proud to recognize the winners of this year’s NH AFL-CIO Linda Horan  Scholarship Fund Awards

Named in honor of our own labor warrior, the famous and never to be forgotten, LINDA HORAN

(From Left: Alysse Cleasby, Curtis Newton, Haley Johnson-McDermott, and Wade Lundrum. Not pictured – Bethany Boulanger)



First Place – This award, for $1750, goes to Alysse Cleasby. Her father is a member of AFGE, Local #948. Alysse will be attending Bates College as a freshman this year. Congratulations Alysse!! Second Place – The second-place award, for $1250, goes to Bethany Boulanger. Her father is a member of NALC #44. Bethany will be attending Boston University this year as a Junior. She also received a scholarship award from the NH AFL-CIO in 2017 & again in 2018, following in the footsteps of a brother who won in 2016!  Congratulations Bethany!! Third/Fourth Place – Haley Johnson-McDermott, who will be attending NHTI as a senior this year & Curtis Newton, who will be attending UNH as a junior, both tied & will each receive a scholarship for $750. Haley’s father is a member of the Ironworkers Union, Local #7 and Curtis’s mother is a member of AFT, Local #1044. Congratulation Haley and Curtis! Fifth Place – The fifth-place award, for $500, goes to Wade Lundrum, who will be attending Univ. of VT as a sophomore. Wade’s mother is a member of AFT #1044 and brother was a previous winner of an AFL-CIO scholarship. Congratulations Wade! Congratulations to all scholarship winners & thank you to all who took the time to apply. It was difficult to choose the winners this year out of the many thoughtful and well written essays we received. We wish you all the very best in the upcoming school year.
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