A Labor Day Message from Pres. Glenn Brackett: What is Your Priority?

Why do workers that are in unions support politicians that don’t support workers that are in unions?

On the surface, this makes little sense. It’s not because the average union worker isn’t intelligent. After all, union workers are intelligent enough to recognize that union workers have good jobs, healthcare, retirement and other benefits. Union workers know that these good jobs exist because of the ability to collectively bargain. Union workers understand that without the ability to collectively bargain, these good jobs and benefits would most likely disappear. Union members know all this and more. So, why do some union members support those in government that don’t support them?

One word. Priorities.

At some point, some union workers have taken for granted that our way of life will always be here. They have allowed the noise from the machine that grinds away at all of our senses and sensibilities to distract them from what should be the number one priority in EVERY union member’s life. They have allowed other, less important priorities to assume a level of primary importance.

For most of us, our number one priority in our lives is the well being of our families. Having a good job, with good wages, healthcare, and benefits is critical to the stability and success of our families. Without a good job, our families will suffer. Without the ability to collectively bargain, a good job can disappear quickly. Without the ability to collectively bargain, a union worker’s family’s safety and security is at risk. Nothing in life is more important than loving, protecting, and providing for your family. The number one priority of every union worker should be to do everything they can to protect their job, for their family’ sake.

So, what is YOUR priority? I choose to support those who support my job and my family. I choose to support those candidates that support the right to collectively bargain. I choose to prioritize my family’s well being over every other less important priority, albeit political, religious, ideological, or even tribal. Without a good job, the family suffers.

Prioritize your family. Vote for your job. Support those who support you and your family. VOTE FOR YOUR JOB!

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