2020 NH AFL-CIO Linda Horan Scholarship Information

Given all that has happened in 2020, the elections on both the state and federal level have taken on a greater urgency. We are facing a triple crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic inequality exacerbated by the pandemic and a long deferred need to genuinely address racial injustice in our country. The people we elect will make decisions that directly effect our health and safety, at school and in the workplace. They will also determine whether we live up to our values, that all Americans should be treated equally.


Since voting is so important, what do you think should be done to ensure every citizen can exercise his or her right to vote in Nov. 2020 without endangering their lives? Are there better solutions than in-person voting, and voting on election day only? If voting is not done in person, how do we account for election security and making sure that our votes are counted? How can we make sure that the voices of working people are heard in this election?

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