Tell Your Representatives to Vote Against SB 193, and to Protect Public School Students and NH Tax Payers!


The NH House voted this week (twice) to send SB 193, the so-called voucher bill, to Interim Study. Late last night and at the end of their session, the NH Senate tacked on the original SB 193 to HB 1636 and passed the bill. What does this mean? The NH House House will vote again on SB 193 on Thursday, May 10th.

The NH  House will be asked to send HB 1636 (amended with SB 193) to a conference committee. A conference committee is a small group of senate and house members selected by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House. This work would need to be completed in two weeks. The House Finance Committee spent more than 2 months and determined much more work was needed. Don’t fall for the talking points that more discussion with a small group of people in a short time frame will produce a good result. NH public schools and local property taxpayers are at risk.

It is absolutely essential that we make clear to our elected legislators our staunch opposition to this giveaway of public funds to those attending private schools or homeschooling. Given the difficulties we already face in trying to adequately fund public education in NH, SB 193 , in any form, will only make things worse. The negative impact this bill would have on local school districts and property taxpayers is at least 4 times worse than the version sent to Interim Study.

The NH House Finance Committee studied this flawed bill and multiple amendments for almost two months. Both House Finance, Division II, and the full House Finance Committee voted to recommend that this bill be referred to Interim Study. The full NH House also voted this week to send the bill to Interim Study.
Please take this action and contact your state representative NOW and ask them to defend the decision of the NH House and let the House Finance Committee study this bill further. Enough of the late night and last minute shenanigans.

Tell Your Representative to Protect Granite State Taxpayers and Public School Students!

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