September 1, 2016

Statement from New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett on the organization’s endorsement of Congresswoman Annie Kuster

Hooksett – New Hampshire AFL-CIO President, Glenn Brackett, released the following statement on the organization’s endorsement of Congresswoman Annie Kuster in her reelection campaign for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District.

“I am proud to announce our organization’s endorsement of Congresswoman Annie Kuster in her reelection campaign for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District. Lots of politicians say that they are a friend to organized labor. Annie is a true and steadfast friend to labor, and New Hampshire working families. Congresswoman Kuster has stood with us in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which, if enacted, wouldn’t just hurt Granite Staters, but workers across the county. She led efforts in Congress to increase the minimum wage because she knows that every American who works full-time should be paid fairly. She knows, like we do, that working families deserve a long-overdue raise. 

The Congresswoman has a proven record of working across the aisle to foster job growth and provide opportunities to union families. Annie is the only candidate who is running in the 2nd Congressional District who knows what needs to be done to ensure that New Hampshire provides opportunities for our children. She is without a doubt, the best choice for the working people of the 2nd District.”



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Brothers & Sisters, 

We need your support!

Please stand in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the New Hampshire labor movement in speaking to members in the Londonderry area about the importance of this upcoming election.

There are 73 days left until the November General Election. New Hampshire’s contests are some of the most important in the country. There has never been a more crucial time to get involved and speak to fellow members about what is at stake. We hope we will see you tomorrow!

TOMORROW IN LONDONDERRY | Saturday, August 27 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
** Join volunteers and allies of the New Hampshire Labor Community**

Staging location: 4 Orchard View Drive, Apple Tree Mall (Next to Shaws), Londonderry, NH

You can also use this secure online sign-up form to volunteer for multiple labor walk shifts from now to Election Day:

Please help us get out the vote for pro-labor candidates by joining us for one or more NH 2016 labor walks.

For more information about our 2016 Labor Election Program, click here.

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Bernie Sanders to Speak at NH AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast 

Concord, NH — U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will be the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast on Monday, September 5th in Manchester, New Hampshire.

At the breakfast, Senator Sanders will discuss the challenges facing working Americans and why we need to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, enact paid family medical leave, oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and create new jobs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

He also will talk about why he supports Hillary Clinton for President and Governor Maggie Hassan for the U.S. Senate and discuss their shared vision of how to build an economy that works for everyone — not just those at the top.

Media interested in attending this event are kindly asked to RSVP to 

New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast with Senator Bernie Sanders 

WHEN: Monday, September 5th, 2016 (Breakfast starts at 9:00 AM EDT) (Senator Sanders Scheduled to Speak at 11:00 AM EDT)

WHERE: Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 650 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH


 Click Here to Download Press Advisory

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TODAY!: MA AFL-CIO & NH AFL-CIO Joint Labor 2016 Walk in Manchester!

Please join our Brothers & Sisters from the Boston Central Labor Council, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, New Hampshire AFL-CIO members and community allies TODAY! (Tuesday, August 23rd) for a late afternoon (4:00 PM -8:00 PM) Labor 2016 walk in Manchester/Hooksett. 

We want to have a strong showing from our New Hampshire affiliates to welcome our friends from Massachusetts that are taking the time out of their own schedules to support our Electoral Program.

We hope to see you TODAY in

MANCHESTER/HOOKSETT | Tuesday, August 23 | 4pm-8pm | 

Staging location: 161 Londonderry Turnpike, Hooksett

You can also use this secure online sign-up form to volunteer for multiple labor walk shifts from now to Election Day:

Please help us get out the vote for pro-labor candidates by joining us for one or more NH 2016 labor walks.

For more information about our 2016 Labor Election Program, click here. 

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TOMORROW: Please join Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth

TOMORROW: Please join us as we stand in solidarity with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, in Portsmouth, as they join together to fight for New Hampshire working families against the Republican Party and Donald Trump.


Event Details:


When: TOMORROW: Doors Open: 9:00 AM/Event Start: 11:00 AM
Where: Portsmouth High School, 50 Andrew Jarvis Drive, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

You can RSVP by clicking HERE 


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Air Traffic Control Privatization Creates Massive Risks

A Revenue-driven Model Would Endanger Safety and Eliminate Taxpayer Oversight

The United States has one of the most complex aviation systems in the world. The
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safely and efficiently manages over two million passengers and tons of cargo in the air every day.
New Hampshire’s 25 public use airports serve over 3,000 pilots and the air transportation needs of over 1.3 million New Hampshire residents, travelers, students and medical and military personnel.

A proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to privatize the FAA’s air traffic control (ATC) system and turn it into a not-for-profit corporation outside of the federal government. ATC privatization would eliminate congressional oversight and break up the FAA, putting our nation’s air traffic control system in the hands of private interests. This is especially worrisome, as the proposed ATC provider would not be accountable to Congress or taxpayers.

Privatizing a government function as critical as the management of our air traffic control system sets a dangerous precedent. The responsibility of managing the nation’s air traffic and the safety of its passengers should be guided by sound public policy, not the revenue-driven motives of a standalone corporation.

The proposed legislation carries worrisome risks for the people of New Hampshire and the backbone of the nation’s air traffic control system—the more than 15,000 air traffic controllers, engineers, safety inspectors and other employees that power it each day. In New England, the FAA maintains a large, diverse workforce of over 1,700 employees.[1] All of these workers power a system that safely and efficiently
moves more aircraft than any other country.

Of course the air traffic control system isn’t perfect and can be improved. But privatization will slow down technological progress and planned FAA upgrades, and may increase consumer costs. The measure will complicate the FAA’s focus on safety because goals of increasing revenue and reducing costs could be at odds with the FAA’s stringent safety mandate. 

General aviation supports nearly 800 jobs and contributes over $1 billion in annual economic impact to the State, according to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.[2] Changing air traffic control to a private, revenue-driven model will hurt general aviation and threaten good paying jobs and the working families who depend on them.

As a union representing thousands of FAA workers nationally, we know with certainty that privatization will eliminate essential workplace benefits and rights that we work hard to protect. Language included in the proposed legislation weakens labor laws and whistleblower protections for these employees and fails to guarantee that every collective bargaining agreement will have a grievance process, basically eliminating the means for employees to resolve workplace issues and protect their rights.

If privatization goes forward, employees performing the same job will have different pay and different benefits. This will decrease morale and make it difficult for the organization to attract and retain skilled and dedicated employees. This is especially serious considering that one-third of air traffic controllers are eligible to retire in the next few years. Over 1,000 have left the agency in the last year alone.

New Englanders fly 80 percent more frequently than the national average.[3] For people in New Hampshire, our air transportation system is essential to a strong economy that helps working families. Air travel powers commerce, fuels tourism and brings us closer to our families and friends.

Threats to workers’ rights, our safety and our economy demonstrate that there is too much at stake to justify the privatization of our air traffic control system. The FAA must remain a cohesive unit of federal employees, not a private business focused on revenue and costs.

Frank Moroney

Executive Director,
AFSCME Council 93

AFSCME International
Vice President

Frank Moroney is an AFSCME International Vice President and the Executive Director of AFSCME Council 93, which represents more than 45,000 state, county and municipal employees in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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NH AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett Testifies In Opposition To HB 1341, Another Version of “Right To Work” Legislation


Yesterday New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett stood with numerous members of the New Hampshire labor community in opposition to HB 1341, a bill relative to employee payments to unions. HB 1341 is another attempt by the anti-union wing of the New Hampshire legislature to undermine the existence of organized labor in the Granite State. Below is an excerpt from President Brackett’s testimony:

“House Bill 1341 would establish a statutory right for all public and private sector workers, who are not union members but are covered by a collective bargaining agreement, to divert payment for the total amount of their union agency fees to a charity, for any personal reason, regardless of the negotiated terms of the agreement.

All New Hampshire employees covered under a collective bargaining contract already have a full legal right to redirect their union fees to charity based on legitimate religious objections. We are forced to conclude, therefore, that the true intent of House Bill 1341 is to weaken the collective voice of New Hampshire workers who benefit from representation by a labor union.”

House Bill 1341 is not a legitimate mechanism for increasing aid to charitable causes. To paraphrase William Shakespeare, so-called “right-to work” legislation called by any other name still smells like “right-to-work.” This bill, if passed, would allow those individuals that choose to have their union fees diverted to charity, to still take full advantage of the protections given by the union and collective bargaining agreement. The members that pay into their labor organization so that they can both protect and be protected in the workplace would be forced to shoulder the cost of those who opt out of the payments. This is not a fair burden to place on working families that already struggle to make ends meet and provide for their loved ones. 

 As New Hampshire
AFL-CIO President Brackett put it:

“House Bill 1341 offers no meaningful benefits to New Hampshire’s economy, workers or businesses. I urge members of the committee to vote this legislation ‘Inexpedient to Legislate.’”

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Welcome to the new home of Granite State Solidarity!


Happy first in the nation primary! Not only is this your opportunity to take part in New Hampshire’s historical first in the nation primary, it is the launch of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO’s new website. We are proud to launch this new labor platform in the hope that it will further unite us and provide an outlet for communication between New Hampshire’s working families.  

The website will feature New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor News
Updates and will enable members to keep up to speed on issues impacting working
families in New Hampshire, and around the country. Additionally, visitors can
comment and discuss labor topics as they develop.

Our new website will also educate workers on how to organize their workplace and advocate for their fellow workers.

Make sure to sign up for New Hampshire AFL-CIO labor updates to stay up to date with labor and legislative events. Welcome to the new home of Granite State Solidarity!


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President Brackett’s Statement on DNC & NHDP Remove WMUR as Co-Sponsors of December 19th Democratic Debate

New-NH-AFL-CIO-LogoHooksett – Glenn Brackett, President of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO issued the following statement in support of the Democratic National Committee and the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s decision to remove WMUR as a sponsor of the December 19th Democratic Debate due to WMUR’s refusal to negotiate in good faith with their workers.

“I am proud of our brothers and sisters of IBEW 1228 for standing up for their rights as WMUR workers. I am grateful to the DNC, New Hampshire Democratic Party, and the Presidential candidates for their decision to stand with New Hampshire workers and hold Hearst Corp. accountable for their refusal to negotiate in good faith with their employees. I would like to thank DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz and NHDP chair Ray Buckley for their support throughout this endeavor. The New Hampshire AFL-CIO would also like to thank Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for the statement he released yesterday calling on WMUR to be removed as a sponsor of this debate.

Although we regret the Hearst Corporation’s repeated unwillingness to move contract negotiations forward with their employees, the New Hampshire AFL-CIO and its fellow brothers and sisters in organized labor look forward to the upcoming debate and the opportunity to see three great candidates make their case to New Hampshire, and working men and women across the country.”

In Solidarity,

Glenn Brackett

President, NH AFL-CIO

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