TOMORROW: Please join Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth

TOMORROW: Please join us as we stand in solidarity with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, in Portsmouth, as they join together to fight for New Hampshire working families against the Republican Party and Donald Trump.


Event Details:


When: TOMORROW: Doors Open: 9:00 AM/Event Start: 11:00 AM
Where: Portsmouth High School, 50 Andrew Jarvis Drive, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

You can RSVP by clicking HERE 


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Statement from New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett on Today’s Private Donald Trump Event in Manchester



June 30, 2016 

Statement from New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett on Today’s Private Donald Trump Event in Manchester

HOOKSETT—New Hampshire AFL-CIO President, Glenn Brackett, released the following statement on Donald Trump’s visit to Manchester scheduled for 3:00 PM at the old Sylvania Facility, located at 655 South Willow Street in Manchester.

“Donald Trump can’t pull the wool over the eyes of hard working Granite Staters as he tours the country touting policies that experts have said would lead to another recession and cost the U.S. millions of jobs,” said Brackett.  “His disregard for the success of our economy here at home is no surprise given his track record of outsourcing jobs, hiring foreign workers, and cheering for an economic crisis that cost 25,000 people in our state jobs. Nothing seems to have changed as he still continues to put his own pocketbook over the working men and women or our state. He even celebrated the Brexit outcome that wiped more than $100 billion in value out of Americans’ 401(k) accounts over the course of a day because he thought it could bring more profits to his luxury Scottish golf resort. At best, Trump is a hypocrite who promises to help working men and women while he outsources jobs to benefit his bottom line at the expense of American workers.” 

“I would ask all those interested in standing in solidarity with New Hampshire working families to join us at the old Sylvania facility on South Willow Street in Manchester at 12:30 PM today to let Donald Trump know that we won't be fooled by his lies.”



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June 21, 2016 



HOOKSETT—New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Glenn Brackett released the following statement on the organization’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

“The choice in this election is stark. Hillary Clinton has fought for American families and their ability to make ends meet throughout her career in public service. She knows that workers are the backbone of our country and her commitment to our nation’s working men and women is reflected in her record of fighting for higher wages, better workplace protections, and the elimination of the wage gap.”

“On the other hand, Donald Trump is a fraud who has actively worked to stiff his own employees in order to make himself richer. He gets up in front of crowds and makes them believe that he will fight for them. When in reality, we know that he has spent his life stepping on whoever he needed to promote and elevate himself–even when it meant lying and taking from working folks. I am proud that the AFL-CIO is supporting a candidate like Hillary Clinton who will work to build an economy that works for all of us.”




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AFL-CIO Will Hold Off On Presidential Endorsement

Source: Dave Jamieson, Labor Reporter, Huffington Post (Click Here for link to article)

The AFL-CIO will not be handing out their endorsement in the 2016 Presidential Primary, at least not yet. This comes from an email that President Trumka sent to members that was obtained by various news outlets. In the email President Trumka stated:

“Following recent discussion at the AFL-CIO’s Executive Committee meeting and subsequent conversations with many of you, I have concluded that there is broad consensus for the AFL-CIO to remain neutral in the presidential primaries for the time being and refrain from endorsing any candidate at this moment.” 

Under the AFL-CIO’s procedure, if the Executive Council gives an endorsement recommendation, the endorsement must be ratified by leaders of the federation’s member unions. President Trumka also stated in the email that the Executive Council would “continue its ongoing discussion” about the 2016 campaign.

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West Virginia’s GOP Controlled Legislature Passes “Right To Work” Legislation

This week, West Virginia’s Republican controlled legislature passed “right to work” legislation and repealed the state’s prevailing wage regulations for government projects in West Virginia. Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, immediately vetoed both legislative actions, only to be rebuked, and have his veto overturned with a simple majority, voting 18-16 in the Senate and 55-43 in
the House along party lines.

West Virginia now joins the other 25 states that have chosen to favor big business and special interest over the needs of American working families. The passage of the “Establishing West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act” is a direct result of the Republicans taking back the West Virginia House of Representatives for the first time in almost a century. This is a terrible set back for workers across the country, but especially troublesome because of West Virginia’s remarkable labor legacy. 

The message is clear. There are those in state legislatures
across our country that are on a mission to chip away at the rights that
organized labor and workers everywhere have fought arduously to establish and

It should be no surprise that the Koch Brothers backed group, Americans for Prosperity heavily promoted the West Virginia “right to work” bill. They continue to fund anti-labor actions in New Hampshire, but to this point have been unsuccessful. 

If it can happen in a state like West Virginia, a state that was built on the back of labor; it can happen anywhere. New Hampshire families are working everyday to support their loved ones and make ends meet. “Right to work” bills like the New Hampshire legislatures, HB 1341, seek to make those things more difficult to achieve.

This battle in West Virginia highlights how important it is to exercise your right to vote and be involved in our democratic process. Electing representatives that will stand up for working families and workers’ rights ensures that your interests are always represented in Concord. 

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Welcome to the new home of Granite State Solidarity!


Happy first in the nation primary! Not only is this your opportunity to take part in New Hampshire’s historical first in the nation primary, it is the launch of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO’s new website. We are proud to launch this new labor platform in the hope that it will further unite us and provide an outlet for communication between New Hampshire’s working families.  

The website will feature New Hampshire AFL-CIO Labor News
Updates and will enable members to keep up to speed on issues impacting working
families in New Hampshire, and around the country. Additionally, visitors can
comment and discuss labor topics as they develop.

Our new website will also educate workers on how to organize their workplace and advocate for their fellow workers.

Make sure to sign up for New Hampshire AFL-CIO labor updates to stay up to date with labor and legislative events. Welcome to the new home of Granite State Solidarity!


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AFL-CIO’s Liz Shuler on President Obama’s Final State of the Union

Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address, and AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler will be in the audience representing America’s working people. 

Watch the video above for her thoughts on what she hopes the president will address. What issues would you like to hear him talk about? Log in and leave your comments below. 

Source: AFL-CIO Now Blog

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